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Memento Mori – Intro Post and Word Counts

Keaalu's NaNoWriMo 2011

Hesger was once a gem of the Outer Rim; a young colony on a small forest world, important for its scientific prowess, and popular among holidaymakers for its beautiful scenery and health spas.

...all that was before the arrival of Hah'zeepti haemorrhagic fever. Released accidentally by one of the teams researching a cure, the bioweapon ravages the population, killing all but a handful of mutilated survivors, known as “blights”. The technological revolution collapses, the cities grow derelict, and electricity itself is but a distant memory.

It is on this quarantined world that Blink, a lovelorn robot girl trying to find a place to belong, finds herself, after being abducted by a group who wanted her expertise to break into the planet's largest science institute, but whose vessel crashed before they could get there. With a future that looks otherwise pretty bleak, a dying cross-dimensional being “gifts” her with a new body – a gift that is meant to help her survive, but feels more like a curse.

Blink must now come to terms not just with her new body and newfound mortality, but also that she may be trapped on this world for the rest of her life, with no way to even tell her family what has happened, and in constant danger from those who... don't precisely have her best interests in mind. Perhaps most importantly, however, she and her new friends must figure out the hidden extra that came with Frond's unwanted gift – a hidden extra that might just save the planet.

(Throw in some sentient bees, drug use, “werewolves”, and a confused ex-machine trying to work out the meaning of life love and the universe, and... maybe it'll be a fairly ok read?)


25/04/2012: 125214 out of 200000

Update 01/Mar/2018:
Due to issues with accessing this journal, I have taken the decision to take the actual chapters down. Please check my website if you're interested in reading!

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